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Watch this video and more on Abstract Painting School

Watch this video and more on Abstract Painting School

Soft & Bright Class, 40" x 40"

All Classes • 1h 4m

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  • Deconstructed Still Life, 24" x 36"

    In this class we explore toeing the line between abstract (i.e., a style of painting with no recognizable subject) and still life styles of painting. Using a a robust color palette, advanced layering techniques and palette knife application, we'll create a beautiful, energetic yet soft painting o...

  • Paper Trio Painting Class

    I love a gallery wall of abstract art. I love it not only for its ability to make an awkward space look complete, but the way it can make small works seem larger than life. In this class, I'll teach how to create your own abstract paintings for a gallery wall: a set of three small paper pieces, 5...

  • Beginner Statement Class, 36" x 48"

    There is a big misconception that when new to painting, you need to paint small. This class completely debunks that notion! Using a limited color palette of blues and creams, I'll guide you through the how's and why's of mixing paint, building a composition, rotating multiple paint applications a...