Titles Available for Purchase

  • Fall Abstract Class, 14" x 14"

    1 video  |   Rent $125

    Using a color palette inspired by the mountains in November, this class will use a variety of layering techniques and color theory to teach you how to create a cohesive, small painting that is as beautiful as it is captivating.

    The rental is available for 30 days once accessed and can be watched...

  • Lavender Abstract Class

    1 video  |   Rent $125

    Lately I feel like I've been seeing lavender everywhere, especially in recent design trends. I started incorporating the color into my own paintings, and I thought I'd show you how to do the same is this vibrant, colorful painting! Using a 40" x 30" portrait oriented canvas, I'll show you how to ...

  • Calm Abstract on Paper, 22" x 30"

    1 video  |   Rent $125

    This class is quick, but chock full of technique lessons; perfect for when you have little time but want to dive into art making (learn something, and have an end result that's gorgeous!). You'll use a 30" x 22" sheet of paper, along with a palette of calming neutrals accented with orange and bla...

  • Warm Abstract, 16" x 20"

    1 video  |   Rent $125

    Learn how to paint this fun, loose abstract painting inspired by my recent family vacation to St. Augustine, Florida! I not only had this beautiful coastal palette in mind when creating this class, but also the busy schedule of Summer! Using a smaller 16 x 20 canvas, this class is quicker, which ...