All Access Painting Class Subscription

All Access Painting Class Subscription

2 Seasons

+ Stream the entire library of virtual classes, any time, anywhere, no expiration
+ New Classes added every month, sometimes bi-monthly
+ Learn how to REALLY paint in an abstract style with solid direction and reasoning behind it
+ Learn how to approach abstract painting with new techniques, color palettes and compositions
+ Stream classes to your device anytime, anywhere
+ Walk away with new skills AND a new, beautiful painting to fill that space on your wall
+ Perfect for all levels (even if you’ve never picked up a brush!)
+ Supply List, linked to my online are supplier, provided for each class at top of site
+ $149/mo (vs. classes available to rent individually for $125 for 30 days)
+ Subscriptions require a three month commitment

All Access Painting Class Subscription
  • Coastal Landscape, 36" x 48"

    Episode 25

    Just in time for Summer (but perfect for year-round decor style!), this class uses a 36" x 48" canvas, several layering techniques, and a variety of blues, greens, oranges and cream paint, to create a gorgeous, vibrant, soft landscape inspired by a sunset over the Gulf Coast. This class is truly ...

  • Beginner Neutral Statement, 40" x 30"

    Episode 26

    This painting proves that neutrals can be anything but boring! In this class I'll guide you through how to use a variety of neutral colors [(cream, white, taupe, black, grey to name a handful) with an orange accent], paint applications, and color theory to create an active, chic statement paintin...

  • Colorful Chic 24 x 24 class

    Episode 27

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a painting using lots of color that didn't end up looking like a clown chose the palette? This is the class for you! In this class you'll use a 24" x 24" canvas to create a painting that is both colorful and chic. I'll guide you on color palette mixing ...

  • Impressionist Landscape, 40" x 40"

    Episode 28

    A beautiful landscape painting works in any room, and never goes out of style. However, even the seemingly simple paintings in this genre can be a feat to complete! In this class I'll guide you through creating a large scale, Carolina marsh inspired landscape. We'll go step-by-step, breaking down...

  • "Soft Abstract", 12" x 16"

    Episode 29

    This is a perfect class for intermediate painters! In this class we will take a recognizable subject, an orange, and break it down to create a completely abstracted composition: embracing color, line, and layers. Using a 12" x 16" canvas, I'll guide you step by step how to build a cohesive color ...

  • Moody Floral 24" x 24"

    Episode 30

    Bring the mood (and fun!) with this colorful, impressionistic floral still life. Using a 24" x 24" canvas, I'll guide you through how to mix and apply paint in a way that is both loose yet representational, going step by step to insure you are never lost and end up with a painting you LOVE. Perfe...

  • Quick & Easy Abstract, 9" x 12" panel

    Episode 31

    Do you ever see those small painting paper releases from contemporary artists and wonder how they made something that is seemingly simple (and small!) seem so complex? In this class, we break down how to make those beautiful study-like paintings- how to layer different materials, create those ges...

  • Abstract Pear, 18 x 24

    Episode 32

    Classic with a Twist! In this class you'll learn how to paint a classic still life painting of a pear, but with a loose, impressionistic twist. Going step by step so that you're never lost, I'll guide you through how to mix your paint, build your composition, and layer paint wet into wet so that ...

  • Soft Greens Abstract, 40" x 40"

    Episode 32

    Stretch your skills by embracing a minimal palette and soft blending techniques in this class! Using a 40" x 40" canvas, I'll guide you through blending, layering, and mixing paint on the canvas to create this gorgeous, light filled painting.

    The supply list can be found in the supply list colle...

  • Color Field Statement, 30" x 40"

    Episode 33

    Simple yet significant. This class teaches you how to embrace a simplified composition with an end result that is anything but superficial. Using color theory, multiple application techniques and a variety of mediums I'll walk you through step by step how to make this beautiful and bold painting ...

  • Big & Bright 2.0, 30" x 48"

    Episode 35

    This class is SO. MUCH. FUN and filled with lots of brush technique! Aptly titled, it’s the next version of one of my most popular classes, Big & Bright. Here we use a similar palette (with some additional green accent colors) and different size and oriented canvas (30” x 48”) and three different...

  • Bold Blues, 36" x 36"

    Episode 36

    If you've been looking to learn how to paint with new materials, this class is for you: We won't use a single brush! Or water! I'll guide you how to create a cohesive monochromatic blue palette with strategic accent colors, along with applying paint with a blade, wedge and palette knife, to crea...

  • Quick Build Your Own Glass Palette Tutorial (Subscribers Only)

    Episode 37

    In this quick demo, learn how to build your own glass palette for under $20! This method I learned back as an undergrad painting student at the University of Georgia, and I've been building my own palettes this way ever since.

    The supply list can be found in the supply list collection of your s...

  • Making "Everything & More"

    Episode 38

    Watch me paint "Everything and More," my latest painting currently available on my website. I used just a wedge, brush and paper towel for tools, with a variety of oil paint and pastel to create this piece. This video is only available to subscribers (and no, I will not be teaching how to create ...

  • "Deconstructed Limes," 30" x 40"

    Episode 39

    Soft, textured, happy and interesting; all words used to describe this class painting. Building on my Deconstructed Still Life class, we'll build a lime inspired still life, then deconstruct the representational subject using a variety of paint applications (including a new 6 inch wedge tool) and...

  • Quick Build Your Own Canvas (Subscribers Only)

    Episode 40

    In this quick demo, learn how to build your own stretched canvas! This method I learned back as an undergrad painting student at the University of Georgia, and swear by for my custom canvases today.

    The supply list can be found in the supply list collection of your subscription library. All supp...

  • Warm Abstract 16" x 20"

    Episode 41

    Learn how to paint this fun, loose abstract painting inspired by my recent family vacation to St. Augustine, Florida! I not only had this beautiful coastal palette in mind when creating this class, but also the busy schedule of Summer! Using a smaller 16 x 20 canvas, this class is quicker, which ...

  • Calm Abstract on Paper, 22" x 30"

    Episode 42

    This class is quick, but chock full of technique lessons; perfect for when you have little time but want to dive into art making (learn something, and have an end result that's gorgeous!). You'll use a 30" x 22" sheet of paper, along with a palette of calming neutrals accented with orange and bl...

  • Lavender Abstract 40" x 30" Class

    Episode 43

    Lately I feel like I've been seeing lavender everywhere, especially in recent design trends. I started incorporating the color into my own paintings, and I thought I'd show you how to do the same is this vibrant, colorful painting! Using a 40" x 30" portrait oriented canvas, I'll show you how to ...

  • Fall Abstract, 14" x 14"

    Episode 44

    Using a color palette inspired by the mountains in November, this class will use a variety of layering techniques and color theory to teach you how to create a cohesive, small painting that is as beautiful as it is captivating.

    The supply list can be found in the supply list collection of your s...