Advanced Series

Advanced Series

Some of my most advanced classes (think working in lots of layers, challenging compositions, and progressive techniques) all in one bundle (I don't know about you, but I LOVE a deal!).

This series of classes is perfect for those who have taken some of my intermediate classes (or series) or seasoned painters who would like to learn a new technique from a fellow artist.

This series includes three classes, all available to rent for 60 days (once you press play!):
- "Soft & Bright," 40" x 40"
- "Deconstructed Still Life," 24" x 36"
- "Dramatic Landscape," 40" x 30"

Each video is available for 60 days once accessed and can be watched as many times as you'd like during that period.

You can find the supply lists in the extras of your rentals. All supplies are linked to my preferred suppliers, for easy online shopping.

Feel free to use comparable items that you have on hand, or through your preferred art supplier, but do try to stick to the suggested paint brand and color in order to achieve the desired color palette.

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Advanced Series
  • Soft & Bright Class, 40" x 40"

    This class builds off of my Deconstructed Still Life class (though it's not a prerequisite), using the shape of a fruit to guide our composition. I'll teach you how to then break down the representational subject into a full abstract painting, using a range of blues, greens and cream paint and a ...

  • Deconstructed Still Life, 24" x 36"

    In this class we explore toeing the line between abstract (i.e., a style of painting with no recognizable subject) and still life styles of painting. Using a a robust color palette, advanced layering techniques and palette knife application, we'll create a beautiful, energetic yet soft painting o...

  • Dramatic Landscape, 40" x 30"

    Drama! Drama! Drama! I love a good landscape painting, though as an abstract artist I have a tendency to want to see a traditional subject in an abstract style. If you deconstructed the elements we love about a landscape painting, would it still translate? Could we make it something more? This cl...

  • Soft & Bright Supply List

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  • Deconstructed Still Life Supply List

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  • Dramatic Landscape Supply List

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