Beginner Series

Beginner Series

First time picking up a brush? Or want to get used to my teaching style? This is the perfect series of classes to set up your foundation of painting skills, grow your confidence, and have plenty of beautiful paintings as a result.
Classes Included:
+ Beginner #1: Intro to Abstract
+ Beginner #2: Abstract II
+ Composition Building Class
+ Color Palette Tutorial

This rental series is available for 60 days once accessed, and can be watched as many times as you'd like during that period.

If you are renting this class, you can find the supply list in the extras of your rentals. For subscribers, all supply lists can be found in the supply list collection of your subscription library. All supplies are linked to my preferred suppliers, for easy online shopping.
Feel free to use comparable items that you have on hand, or through your preferred art supplier, but do try to stick to the suggested paint brand and color in order to achieve the desired color palette.

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Beginner Series
  • Intro to Abstract Class

    Welcome to Intro to Abstract. This is the very first class in my abstract painting series of classes, and one of my favorite classes to teach! Here we will paint a 16" x 16" painting together, step by step, using a limited color palette, introducing basic concepts of abstract painting that result...

  • Abstract II Painting Class

    This class builds off of my Intro to Abstract Class, so if you've never painted with me before, you might want to consider taking that class first, however if you are a skilled painter you'll have no problem keeping up.
    In this two hour class we'll paint a 16" x 16" painting together, using mixe...

  • Composition Building Class

    Ever feel like you get to your canvas and don't know where to start? Been there. This quick, 15 minute tutorial breaks down several ways to build a composition, so that you are never stuck again. No painting is created in this class, nor are any supplies (other than a notebook and pen!) needed.


  • Color Palette Class

    Perfect for every level, this class focuses on teaching you how to build a cohesive, unique color palette. Using your own inspiration for your palette (e.g., fabric from your home, scarf, dress, image from a magazine, image from instagram, painting you love) or using the inspiration I use for ins...

  • Beginner-#1:Intro to Abstract Supply List

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  • Beginner #2: Abstract II Supply List

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  • Color Palette Building Supply List

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