Blues & Creams, 30" x 20"

Blues & Creams, 30" x 20"

In this two hour class you'll use a 20" x 30" portrait oriented canvas to create a soft, focused painting utilizing a blue monochromatic palette (challenging your color temperature and placement skills) and more in depth composition.

This class has a 30 day rental period (i.e., time limit), and you can watch as many times as you'd like during those 30 days. The rental period starts once you have accessed the video (clicked the link to watch). It works just like Amazon or iTunes paid movie streaming services.

The supply list, with links to online retailers, is included in the extras portion of this class.

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Blues & Creams, 30" x 20"
  • Blues & Creams 30" x 20"

    With the busy holiday season upon, this class focuses on a calm, serene palette, though challenges you by introducing a larger canvas, more advanced composition, larger range of mixing color, and working with a monochromatic palette while also adding depth and intrigue to the painting.

    The supp...

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