Intermediate Series

Intermediate Series

Past the beginner stage of painting and ready to get your toes wet in the next step of painting classes? This series of classes is the perfect next step, building on your skill level and using larger canvases! You'll learn a variety of new techniques and work with different color palettes, while still going at a pace that's perfect for an intermediate painter (past the beginner stage, but still relatively new to me and/or painting).

This series includes three classes, all available to rent for 60 days (once you press play!):
- "Beginner Neutral," 40" x 30"
- "Beginner Statement," 24" x 36"
- "Dramatic Landscape," 40" x 30"

Each video is available for 60 days once accessed and can be watched as many times as you'd like during that period.

You can find the supply list in the extras of your rentals. All supplies are linked to my preferred suppliers, for easy online shopping.

Feel free to use comparable items that you have on hand, or through your preferred art supplier, but do try to stick to the suggested paint brand and color in order to achieve the desired color palette.

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Intermediate Series
  • Beginner Statement Class, 36" x 48"

    There is a big misconception that when new to painting, you need to paint small. This class completely debunks that notion! Using a limited color palette of blues and creams, I'll guide you through the how's and why's of mixing paint, building a composition, rotating multiple paint applications a...

  • Beginner Neutral Statement, 40" x 30"

    This painting proves that neutrals can be anything but boring! In this class I'll guide you through how to use a variety of neutral colors [(cream, white, taupe, black, grey to name a handful) with an orange accent], paint applications, and color theory to create an active, chic statement paintin...

  • Colorful Chic 24 x 24 class

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a painting using lots of color that didn't end up looking like a clown chose the palette? This is the class for you! In this class you'll use a 24" x 24" canvas to create a painting that is both colorful and chic. I'll guide you on color palette mixing ...

  • Beginner Neutral Statement Supply List

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  • Beginner Statement Supply List

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  • Dramatic Landscape Supply List

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