Still Life Series

Still Life Series

Love abstract but also want to perfect painting a representational object? This series of classes teaches you how to do just that! In this series I'll teach you how to paint a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers on canvas, a happy bouquet of pink flowers on paper, and a fun, colorful still life of satsumas on canvas. All paintings are slightly abstracted, so more of an impressionist style than photo realism.

This series includes three classes, all available to rent for 60 days (once you press play!):
- "Floral on Canvas," 20" x 20"
- "Floral on Paper," 9" x 12"
- "Abstract Oranges," 16" x 20"

Each video is available for 60 days once accessed and can be watched as many times as you'd like during that period.

You can find the supply lists in the extras of your rentals. All supplies are linked to my preferred suppliers, for easy online shopping.

Feel free to use comparable items that you have on hand, or through your preferred art supplier, but do try to stick to the suggested paint brand and color in order to achieve the desired color palette.

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Still Life Series
  • Floral on Canvas

    In this class you'll use a 20" x 20" canvas to create a floral abstract painting using a blue and cream palette and foundational skills you've been exercising in previous classes. Beginner painters: I recommend taking one or two of my previous abstract classes before starting this class.

    The sup...

  • Florals on Paper

    In this class you’ll paint on paper! Using a 9” x 12” format, I’ll guide you through to create a beautiful yet interesting abstract floral painting, using acrylic paint and oil pastel to create a large bouquet of pink blooms.

    The supply list can be found in the supply list collection of your sub...

  • Abstract Oranges, 16" x 20"

    This is not your typical still life! In this class we'll use a variety of medium (acrylic paint, oil pastel) and techniques to create a vivacious, classic-with-a-twist study of three oranges on a 16" x 20" canvas. I'll guide you through compositional understanding, as well as a quick lesson on ch...

  • Florals on Paper Supply List

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  • Floral on Canvas Supply List

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  • Abstract Oranges Supply List

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